Continental Chess Association Chess Tournaments

This site is for some of the major chess tournaments that are run by the Continental Chess Association.  The Continental Chess Association runs a lot of tournaments each year (much more than just the ones on this website) and you can view a list of them at their Upcoming Tournaments Page.

There are some things you will need to know or have to ensure your playing experience is maximized at Continental Chess Association events.

General Tournament Information – This page details contact information, how to enter a tournament, the refund policy and some general information on ratings and advanced entries.

Tournament Rules – Even though all the tournaments are run using the latest United States Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, Sixth Edition there are some special rules that are specific to Continental Chess Association tournaments.

Tournament Equipment – To play chess at a Continental Chess Association tournament you will need to bring your own board, set and clock as they are not provided.  There is normally a vendor on-site that you can purchase equipment from although items are usually a little cheaper if ordered online in advance.  USCF Sales is one such site that we recommend.