CCA-ICC International 2005

CCA-ICC International
May 11-15, 2005

GM Victor Mikhalevski of Israel scored 6½ points in nine games to turn in a 2705 tournament performance, culminating in a dramatic last round victory over GM Jaan Ehlvest, to clinch the top honors in the annual CCA-ICC International Tournament in Lake George, New York, May 11-15.

Victor displayed the instincts of a true professional competitor, shaking off a crushing loss to GM Alexander Shabalov in Round 6, to score 2½ critical points in his final three games. Happily for Mikhalevski, the other two tournament leaders, GMs Zviad Izoria and Giorgi Kacheishvili were content with a lightning fast draw in the last round, clearing the way for Victor to take home the entire $5,000 First Prize.

GM Alex Shabalov, on the other hand, took almost the whole six hours to squeeze out a victory over GM Valerij Filippov. “Shabba” also showed a thing or two about the necessary frame of mind to prevail in an extremely competitive event of this caliber. Coming off a heartbreaking loss in a thrilling game this morning, Alex nevertheless focused on the necessary job ahead in the final round. His reward for winning the final game and tying for 2nd-4th was to take home $1,500, as did Izoria and Kacheishvili, who also scored 6 points.

GMs Vladimir Epishin and Suat Atalik, and British IM David Howell each ended up with 5½ points and $500. Howell’s prize was more than a little overshadowed by his final result, though. After defeating GM Daniel Fridman in the morning, David then proceeded anew with the Black pieces, to dispatch GM Nick De Firmian in the afternoon. His second victory was particularly impressive. After reaching a critical point in the game, he was confronted with a myriad of different possible captures, each one leading to a subtly, but completely different outcome. Howell exhibited the hallmark of a serious professional, spending nearly an hour to exhaustively analyze every variation, selecting the one winning line. Those two must-win games on the final day earned the fourteen-year-old his second GM norm, one of the youngest players ever to perform this impressive feat.

This year’s edition of Continental Chess’s annual International tournament was the strongest one yet, with no less than thirteen(!) Grandmasters, four International Masters, and 3 FIDE Masters! The tournament was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the ICC, which also provided live broadcasts of the top games each round to chessplayers around the world, over the internet.

Final Standings

# Name Rtg Nat Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Rd6 Rd7 Rd8 Rd9 Ttl
1 GM Victor Mikhalevski 2572 ISR W13 W7 W3 D2 D6 L4 W10 D5 W8
2 GM Zviad Izoria 2602 GEO W16 D6 W9 D1 D4 W14 D5 D8 D3 6
3 GM Giorgi Kacheishvili 2597 GEO W12 W20 L1 L6 W13 D15 W19 W4 D2 6
4 GM Alexander Shabalov 2593 USA W17 D15 W11 D5 D2 W1 D8 L3 W14 6
5 GM Vladimir Epishin 2605 RUS L7 W23 W18 D4 D20 W9 D2 D1 D6
6 GM Suat Atalik 2561 BIH W23 D2 D15 W3 D1 L8 W20 D9 D5
7 IM David Howell 2416 ENG W5 L1 D8 L14 W17 L10 W18 W20 W15
8 GM Jaan Ehlvest 2614 EST D11 D14 D7 D10 W16 W6 D4 D2 L1 5
9 GM Petr Kiriakov 2565 RUS W21 W18 L2 D15 D14 L5 W16 D6 D10 5
10 GM Aleks Wojtkiewicz 2535 USA D14 L11 W22 D8 W21 W7 L1 D15 D9 5
11 IM Jayson Gonzales 2474 PHI D8 W10 L4 L20 D12 L18 W24 W23 W16 5
12 IM Justin Sarkar 2392 USA L3 D22 W16 L19 D11 D13 D17 W21 W23 5
13 FM Ryan Harper 2230 TRI L1 L16 W23 W18 L3 D12 D22 W24 W17 5
14 GM Valerij Filippov 2621 RUS D10 D8 D20 W7 D9 L2 D15 W19 L4
15 GM Nick De Firmian 2549 USA W24 D4 D6 D9 D19 D3 D14 D10 L7
16 FM Daniel Fernandez 2406 USA L2 W13 L12 W17 L8 W21 L9 W18 L11 4
17 IM James A Rizzitano 2376 USA L4 W21 D19 L16 L7 W24 D12 W22 L13 4
18 FM Miles F Ardaman 2308 USA W19 L9 L5 L13 W23 W11 L7 L16 W24 4
19 GM Alex Yermolinsky 2574 USA L18 W24 D17 W12 D15 D20 L3 L14 U—
20 GM Daniel Fridman 2562 LAT W22 L3 D14 W11 D5 D19 L6 L7 U—
21 Joshua Bakker 2173 USA L9 L17 W24 W22 L10 L16 W23 L12 U— 3
22 Paul H Song 2109 USA L20 D12 L10 L21 W24 W23 D13 L17 U— 3
23 Kasun Waidyaratne unr. USA L6 L5 L13 W24 L18 L22 L21 L11 L12 1
24 Deepak Aaron unr. USA L15 L19 L21 L23 L22 L17 L11 L13 L18 0

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