World Open 2009

World Open 2009
June 29-July 5, 2009, Philadelphia, PA

GM Evgeny Najer beat GM Jaan Ehlvest to secure a 1st place tie with GM Hikaru Nakamura, who had taken two half-point byes on the final day as he jetted off to Spain to participate in another event. GMs Ilya Smirin and Varuzhan Akobian agreed to a draw a little earlier, missing out on the chance to join the winners while GM Victor Mikhalevski, who could also catch the leaders with a win, lost to GM Jiri Stocek.

There would normally be an Armageddon blitz play-off to decide the overall Champion (and for a little extra money) but with Nakamura no longer in Philadelphia, unfortunately this will not happen and thus Najer will once again be crowned World Open Champion having won the title last year.

Norm Information: IMs Alex Lenderman and Leonid Gerzhoy both secured the draws they needed in the final round to each earn a GM norm. This was Lenderman’s final GM norm he needed and since he has already achieved the required 2500 FIDE rating he should become America’s next GM. IM norms were achieved by FM Bindi Cheng and FM Michael Lee.

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For complete details on the World Open 2009, please visit the World Open 2009 Page at the Continental Chess Association website. This page includes information such as the prize fund, entry fees, hotel information and much more.

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