World Open 2009 Photographs

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  • I’d Like to see more games of lower rated players in 2009 world chess open. Why just the masters? I can just open a book to see world class masters. What about seeing players from lower then Expert. Thank You

  • Michael Wolenetz

    I agree w/ Garcia – I really appreciate the great pictures of the tourney. It is useful to put the name on some of the masters I see walking the halls, so-to-speak.

    Would you mind taking a few more pictures of the full rooms, both upstairs and in the U1800 -… As well as pictures of the hallways, venders, and a few of the amazing team running this tourney.

    Again., thanks for the posts so far.

  • Roderick Brown

    It would be nice to allow players to play up one level at a reduced rate. I remember this option being given a few times during the 90’s. An official world open tee=shirt should be given to all paying entrants. A $5/10 reduction in fees could be given to those not wanting shirts. There should be some small prize for everyone with a plus score. This is a nice tournament, but small changes like this would make it better for the majority of the players. I am a rated expert who runs in road races and marathons now. The medals that I have gotten just for finishing a marathon gives me a feeling of great accomplishment and or a source of pride. Some of the marathons draw 30,000 runners. Thank you very much! R. Brown (Va.)

  • Mike B

    i agree i think there needs to be more players that can join the world open the world open isn’t just some random tournament it’s the world open which means anyone on earth can join in fact i acutally went to the world open 2009 i just went to watch didn’t play in it because we found out about it right at the last minute and my parents thought it was too late to sign up and if you want to know my age i’m 16 will be turning 17 on oct 28 which is only 24 days from now i think the number of players that each section should fit should be at least 300 players

  • Mike B

    and i will probally play in the world open 2010

  • Carlos R. Salazar

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a professional musician and have been playing chess since 2003. My rating is 1730 (nothing fancy). But I agree strongly with Roderick Brown. Tournament hosts should show more appreciation for ALL the players attending; not just GMs and IMs. Really when it comes down to it, we, the low rated players, are the ones that make these events happen. I mean, most of us low rated players do this for fun anyway, not to make money. Every tournament I attend, for me it’s a vacation. I spend between $2,000 – $3,000 every time. Many of the high rated players are struggling to just get in the tournament. All I’m trying to say here is that ALL players (without exception) would feel nice to get a T-Shirt for attending (as a thanx from the organizers), a medal or certificate for finishing top 10 or 20; whatever, something just to show that they care for the players. I’ve been witness of the directors yielling at players for ridiculously STUPID reasons. They don’t realize (or maybe they just started realizing with the bad economy and all) that if only GMs and IMs and Masters go to their tournaments, they will go broke. They as many players as possible to attend. So if they want to attract players, they have to start showing some appreciation and treating players better; a smile once in a while is nice (they look like they hate being there). Anyway, sorry for going on there; didn’t mean to. I just started remembering all my tournament experience and they’re not great. The only great thing about them was that I got to play chess.