National Chess Congress 2009

National Chess Congress 2009 Winners

National Chess Congress 2009

The 2009 National Chess Congress was held at the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, from November 27-29, 2009. The event had a $30,000 prize fund which is unconditionally guaranteed!

Leading by a half-point going into the final round, IM Bryan Smith managed to ensure himself at least a share of first place after holding a tough draw against top seed GM Robert Hess. He was eventually joined in a four-way tie by GM Alex Stripunsky, GM Elect Alex Lenderman and IM Irina Krush after they all won their final game. GM Elect Alex Lenderman was declared the National Chess Congress 2009 Champion by virtue of the best tie-breaks among the winners.

Pictured are the winners, GM Elect Alex Lenderman, IM Irina Krush, IM Bryan Smith and GM Alex Stripunsky (inset).

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For more information about the 2009 National Chess Congress, please visit the tournament information page at the Chesstour site.

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