Chicago Open 2010

19th Chicago Open
May 27-31, 2010

The 19th Annual Chicago Open was held from May 27-31, 2010, in Wheeling, IL. This year’s Open Section was 9 rounds and offered norm opportunities. The tournament’s total prize fund was $100,000!

GM Loek Van Wely won the Open Section after beating IM Sam Shankland in the final round while GM Varuzhan Akobian, who went into the round tied with Van Wely and Shankland, lost to GM Michael Adams. Van Wely finished with 7½/9, a half-point ahead of GMs Adams, Evgeny Najer, Victor Mikhalevski and Jiri Stocek.

Congratulations are also due to FM Jake Kleiman, Timur Aliyev and WIM Tatev Abrahamyan who all scored IM norms and to Viktorija Ni who scored a WIM norm. This is Kleiman’s 3rd IM norm after scoring his 2nd only a couple of months earlier at the Philadelphia Open.

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