Eastern Team Championship 2011

2nd Annual Eastern Team Championship
November 4-6, 2011

The Eastern Team Championship was held from November 4-6, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn), 700 Main St, Stamford, Connecticut.

Four teams tied for 1st at 4-1: Rooks and Crooks (1997), Princeton Black (1994), Uncle Jorge’s Team O’ Chess (1971) and Please Carter, More Than IV (1956) each won $1,000.

The Harvard Tweed Jackets scored 3 points, but also won $1,000 for the top team Under 1700. The Brandeis King Killers and the Masterman 2nd Team each scored 2 points to tie for 2nd-3rd team Under 1700, and they each won $250. The Masterman 3rd Team did even better, winning the $800 prize for the best (and only) team rated Under 1400, with 1 point.

Full standings for teams and individuals are now posted.

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