Kings Island Open 2011

20th Kings Island Open
November 11-13, 2011

The Kings Island Open celebrated its 20th anniversary this past Veterans’ Day Weekend, November 11-13th, and the guest list for the occasion was an impressive testament to the tournament. The Open Section was bedazzled by over 37 Masters, including ten Grandmasters and three International Masters!

Kentucky GM Gregory Kaidanov was white hot this weekend, winning all five games, including successive victories over GMs Dmitry Gurevich, Alexander Ivanov and Alexander Goldin, capturing the $2,541 First Prize, along with the extra $169 Bonus Prize for finishing clear first, and turning in a sizzling 2869 tournament performance rating along the way!

Massachusetts GM Eugene Perelshteyn was almost as good as Kaidanov, ceding but one draw to fellow New England GM Sergey Kudrin, to take the $1,271 Second Prize with 4½ points. Kudrin, along with GMs Timur Gareyev (the tournament’s top-seed at 2718) and Alex Ivanov, Canadian IM Leonid Gerzhoy and Michigan FM Seth Homa, each won $305 for finishing with 4 points, tied for 3rd through 7th. Pittsburgh junior sensation Kevin Mo’s last-round victory over Serbian IM Goran Vojinovic also gave him 4 points, but he took home the $1,355 Under 2300 prize instead. Illinois’ own William Brock also won his last-round game against Okechukwu Iwa, giving him sole possession of the $678 Second Under 2300 prize, with 3½ points.

The 21st Kings Island Open will be held November 9-11, 2012.

The final standings for all sections are now posted.

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