Southern Class Championships 2012

10th Southern Class Championships
March 30-April 1, 2012

The 10th Annual Southern Class Championships was held from March 30-April 1, 2012, at the Wyndham Orlando Resort, 8001 International Drive, Orlando.

GM Lars Bo Hansen dominated the Master Section, finishing a point clear of his nearest rival, GM Julio Becerra. Bo Hansen won $1083 for his weekend’s efforts.

The final standings, with prizes, are now posted for all sections.

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NOTICE: Jose Corona

Jose Corona, one of the players in the Class B Section, suffered a heart attack this afternoon (Saturday, March 31). He was not breathing and was in very grave condition when EMS arrived. He was taken to Dr. P Phillips Hospital on Turkey Lake Road in Orlando (407-351-8500).

At about 7:00 pm, the Emergency Room operator would not release details of his condition to non-family members, but I inferred from our conversation that he may still be alive.

Jose Corona is very much in need of everyone’s prayers right now.

I believe his wife and family would also appreciate well-wishes and support from our Chess family while she awaits further word on his condition at the hospital.

Please remember, everyone, that whatever happens in your tournament game, whatever inequities and injustices may occur over the chessboard – this is only a game!

It’s such a wonderful game, with great benefits and effects on people, especially children, who can gain self-esteem and confidence, and learn about the consequences of actions that one takes, or did not take.

But in the end, IT’S ONLY JUST A GAME. It’s not a matter of life and death.

Please offer your prayers to Mr. Jose Corona, a member of our family of chessplayers.


(Sunday, April 1) Jose Corona has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. I think his wife would be amazed by how many people, people he doesn’t even know and has never met, have offered their prayers and support for him.

Thank you all so much and please continue to remember him so he can continue to get better!

If you would like to send a get-well card (hospital rules permit only cards or letters), you can address it to:

Jose Corona
Intensive Care Unit, Room 3018
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
9400 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819


(Wednesday, April 25) Good news! Jose has been discharged from the hospital. Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes.

Steve Immitt, Tournament Director

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