Central New York Open 2015

2nd Central New York Open
October 17-18, 2015

The 2nd Annual Central New York Open was held from October 17-18, 2015, at the Hall of Languages, Syracuse University, S. Crouse Ave., Syracuse, NY.

Report by David A. Hater

New York is one of the top chess states in the country in terms of players, strong players, tournaments, size of prize fund etc. However, central New York has not enjoyed the same level of success. From 1995 until last year, there were no two day or longer tournaments in the Syracuse area, the largest city in Central New York. Last year, New York State Chess Association and Continental Chess Association President Bill Goichberg sought to change that. He created the inaugural Central New York Open at Syracuse University, but the event was a bit of a disappointment. In spite of a $5,000 guaranteed prize fund, the turnout was modest and entry fees did not even cover the prize fund. Not to be deterred, Bill again organized the 2nd Central New York Open and the results were more promising. The entry fees were reduced (with a reduction in prizes), and the attendance not only remained the same, but the tournament was a bit stronger at the top of the wallchart.

This year IM Colomban Vitoux and FM Dov Gorman headed the Open section. Gorman played in the inaugural event as the top seed, but “only” finished in second place due to an upset by eventual 2014 tournament winner Joshua Rofrano. In 2015, Gorman and Rofrano again met and again in round two.

Vitoux and Gorman were both cruising along at 3-0 on Saturday. They were the only perfect scores Sunday morning. One might expect a quick draw given that they were the two top seeds and were the only perfect scores. The game was a draw, but went 60 moves. Neither player achieved a meaningful advantage, but that did not stop them from playing for a win.

In the class sections, the winners were both paired up every round! John Montfort finished with 4½ and picked up 178 rating points. His only draw was to Michael Miller who tied for second place. Miller also won all his other games, but he signed up for a half point bye in round 4. In the Under 1500 section, the lowest rated player in the section won the tournament. Tyshaune Mack got the bye as the lowest rated in round 1 then was paired up 4 times and finished with 4½ points, picking up 407 rating points in the process. He tied for first with Larry Goodman.

The mixed doubles prize was a tie for first. The teams of WFM Anna Levina/Victor Levine and Carol Paden/Dan Riley scored a combined 6 points and each team won $75. Special mention goes to Levina/Levine as they won the mixed doubles prize last year. In order to catch the father/daughter team of Levina/Levine, Paden and Riley both had to win the last round and they did exactly that!

Steve Immitt directed for CCA assisted by Syracuse TD Joe Ball.

The final standings, with prizes, are now posted for all sections.

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